Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Rod Honda

Well I said it before and  I will say it again if you are gonna ride a Jap bike the 750 Honda SOHC is the only way to go. So the year is 2009 I believe. Johnny and I moved into the new Blue Star motorcycle shop on Troost Ave in Kc Mo. Pretty rad to have a real shop and have the space to work I had never had before. I want to say most of this bike was built in my shed at the house then finished up at the Anchor. Got the frame from Tony in a trade and built up the bike kinda Hot Rod style but mostly just simple. Had a really good stance and when it was running it ran like a mother fucker. Learned a bunch on this build and since I have built and worked on a lot of 750's Tried some weird stuff with the paint but really there is no paint but clear coat on everything. Hand polished the frame with DA pads then had the tins bead blasted. Taped off the scallops then polished the bare metal on the front of the tank and fender. pinstriped the scallop edge and then clear coated everything. Built the oil bag and battery box that is hanging off the side. Some how the oil bag got clogged on the feed line so one fate full day the bike ceased to run. Funny it made it all the way home and in my drive way the motor went BANG. Never ran again. Whatever it was a fun little bike to ride and at that point it was the biggest cc bike I had owned. Next was the Sportster and actually the first build of the Ironhead was in this very frame. Tell me you can't stuff any motor in any frame. Bah I'll show you. Would never do it again though. Lesson learned. Enjoy