Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Thankfull, Full of Hate

On this day of thanking. I will say thank you to my family and all my best friends. I have at least one and that is as good as it gets I think. So took the boy down to the shop this morning and we got the bed and cab off the frame. Someone did the worst cobbled together thing I have ever seen. everything was welded together. And I mean everything and welded terribly at best. I ended up just cutting everything with a cut off wheel and a chisel and just split all of them. Bed was easy as 8 bolts and tipped it up. Maybe 5 minutes. The cab took me 2 hours and I was not being nice to it as I went. steering column was a MF'er. Cut all the wiring harness out and then started wrestling the fucking thing off the frame. Granted I thought someone else would be down at the shop to help. Ghosttown today. Funny when you don't want anyone around there is 10 dudes hanging out. When you need help nobody. So the first pic of Ian doing the thumbs up is when I realized the E brake cable was stuck around the bottom of the cab. I was sweating and wrestling it for 5 minutes until I figured it out. Cut the cable and one sideways swing and the cab was on the ground. Pushed it into its home for the next century or so. On to the roller, we pushed it outside so if anyone needs a POS 460 BB connected to the biggest pile its up for grabs. Onto the Shovel for a hour or so. Got all the wiring done and all that is left is the key. Bought a new switch and had it in the bike went to test the brake light a realized the ACC lug on the switch is bad. You had to jiggle wiggle the key to get it to work. Fuck that I brought it back and have to wait till tomorrow to get the replacement. So had a good day and now we are gonna have our Veggie feast. I am thankful for a lot and I hope you know it. Blackhearts are go.

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