Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Drawing a blank right now because my brain is all retarded. Went and saw the Supersuckers last night. Have not seen them since 96 or so. Old man rock and roll. I am tired as I was up past my 11 o' clock cut off. So Top 5 Cow Punk bands that I love. I don't know how punk and country go together but they do. Maybe it's the outlaw aspect or the fact that both genres are real music. Guitar, bass and drums and you can make some killer music.Growing up in the sticks and being a punk rock kid I have to admit I hated old country when I was a kid. My grandpa would be playing on 8 track in his shop stuff like Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Buck Owens etc .etc One day I started wanting to hear Ring of Fire and Big Iron. So When in the 80's bands started incorporating twang into the punk I was sold for sure. 

Number 1. The Knitters- I am sure some of you out there know about the Knitters. I remember like it was yesterday. I was in my local record store and saw a new release rack with Exene from X on the cover. John Doe is there, Two guys from the Blasters. So I bought the record expecting to hear more songs like X but what I had was one of the finest country records I had ever heard. There is something about John's voice I have always loved. I am a huge X fan and was a instant Knitters fan. There are some silly songs and some straight up Honky Tonk songs but it is all good. Saw them live years later and it was great live. 

Number 2. Beasts of Bourbon- Axemans jazz -Really just there first record is cow punk but it is so freaking good they are in the top 5. Aussie bands are on another planet. They some how capture the old west feel but have a way of showing you that is kin to having a 410 shot in your face. there version of  Pyscho is absolutely perfect. Ten Wheels for Jesus is also a stand out track. Look it up if you don't believe me.

Number 3. The Cramps-They might be a little more swamp blues but the energy that Lux and Ivy had on stage was pure punk. They dripped with sex and sweat and I miss them terribly. One of my big things with country is the sound of the guitar and Ivy not only was a redhead she could play that Gretsch like she was born with it in hand. Twang, fuzz, yelps, howls, moaning , it is all there on every record and I love them all. 

Number 4- Tex and the Horseheads- One of the best LA bands that were happening at the beginning of the big hair glam shit of the mid to late 80's. Texacala is a pixie type female screamer that was the big bang for the band live. The music is loud but has soul. My favorite track on the LP is Bordertown. I think they loved Social D a lot and it shows with out ripping them off. Two records then they disappeared. Around the same time in LA there were Blood On The Saddle, The Hangmen, and a few others that were doing this stuff. 

Number 5. Social Distortion- They obvious influence from country is there but Mike and the boys always made it there own. Prison Bound is there most country sounding record while still being loud and very well written. In that mid era  for the band I like the three records best. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, ST, and Prison Bound. Always loved those songs and always will. Don't care that Mike is now some kind of tough guy poster boy and draws in all kinds of wanna be eye make up wearing faggots. Mike is Mike and I'm cool with that. He writes killer songs and has good taste in music.

Runner ups would include The Scientists, The Johnny's, Lucero, Whiskeytown, old 97's early stuff, Robert earl Keen, etc etc

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