Friday, November 30, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Anyways I got a ton going on tomorrow so I will do my Top 5 A little early. So Top 5 Bike Club Names and why. All these are not real and I think about this stuff all the time. The car club has strict rules about these things or I would probably have ten different club jackets/cuts. 

Number 1. The Blackhearts MC. Well there is only gonna be 2 members but that is fine. I joke about it all the time and I know there is only 2 true Blackhearts in the whole world. So sorry you can't join.

Number 2. Los Mutantes MC. It is slang for The Mutants. There is a crazy band from Brazil in the 60's called the Os Mutantes.I love them and I thought that would be a killer name for a bike club. Thought maybe of using a melting monster type logo with a front wheel poking through the goo. 

Number 3. Retarded Hearts MC. Sounds kinda emo but I think it fits. Just picture a hand drawn actual human heart with a helmet on. I know I'm terrible but I think if you are gonna offend then you might as well go the full mile, right?

Number 4. Scumbag Brains MC. Kinda been using this term a lot lately. My fucking brain is like a wormhole through time and space and the fucking thing never stops. It did stop today for about twenty minutes then it started right back up again. Fuck

Number 5. Old, Crusty, Gnarly Ones. So you could just put OCGO on everything. No one would know the difference. So there you have it 5 terrible ideas and I know it.

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