Monday, November 5, 2012

This is Perfect...

Stole these pics from Born Loser. Some one is selling this. Why? Anyways this is about  perfect in my eyes. Good stance and profile. Chop Flows really well and this is the grill I want to use. Got a frame from a 39 and I am gonna due a lot of shortening to get it to work. But the price was good. Free from Dave thanks buddy. My mind is reeling at the idea of doing burn outs at ever stop light and making a lot of noise every where else. Here is my theory about Rat Rods. The term is not even a real thing. See either you drive a real Hot Rod or you have a pile of shit. That's it folks real easy right. I have seen what people call rat rods and they know as well as I that they are just piles of rusty. crusty bullshit. Unsafe, unreliable, and useless at any speed. Make mine a Hot Rod thanks.

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