Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Giant Killer

Been having some fun looking back in the old pics. So this is 7 years ago now. This is the RD chopper that I had just got back on the road. Not gonna lie this bike was fun to ride and treated me very well. Yeah the WWW tire on the back looks silly but I had it already so tried to run it. There were some cool bits I had built but over all the entire bike was a little janky. Whatever we learn from the past right?

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  1. Fucking cool Anchorman, fucking cool, love the old RD's, different as all get out !!! Re the Redhead thing . . . being a 'ginga', I thought I was in with a chance until I got to the 'doesn't apply to dudes' bit, damn . . . and your way to old for my daughter, yeah, she got the Red gene and she's everything you mentioned, now I know how much of a handful I was for my poor parents !!!