Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Redhead Post, Been Too Long.

Been awhile since I posted any Redhead ramblings. So here we go . I was gonna hand draw a pie chart with the reasons I love redheads but a list will have to suffice.

Number 1. There hair is Red for god sakes. Real or bottled I don't care. Something in my brain goes all haywire every time I see a redhead.

Number2. Freckles Freckles Freckles. Seriously freckles are just a bonus with the red hair but it is so freaking cute. More the better in my eyes. Arms, face, chest, back, whatever I love it all.

Number 3. Pasty white skin. I have always been into milky white almost to the point of being blue tinted skin. Never dated any other types really. Don't like tan lines and have always liked goth girls. Just another bonus as most redheads are pale as the moon.

Number 4. I don't want to admit it but they are all crazy. Yes and I don't mind one bit. If you are gonna be into redheads it's just a little hiccup in the big show. Sure the level of crazy varies but they are all hot all the time. I like some sass anyways. Reality checks indeed.

Number 5. Being a redhead is fairly rare and I don't/can't ever get enough. So I you can keep all the blondes, you can have all the darkies, I'll take mine red and pasty.

As a disclaimer none of this applies to dudes. Sorry Michael and Shea.

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  1. Absolutely in full on agreement on all counts.Extra agreement and personal validation on Number 4