Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Story Time Kids

 So the year is 1991 and all the little skate rats were out skateboarding as we usually did. It was summer time and I remember it was hot as hell out and we ended up at my girlfriends house to hang out. We watched the X documentary and decided it would be the punkest thing in the world to get tattoo's. So we just watch the scene where John Doe is hand poking a cholo cross on a fellow and made a short list of supplies and headed off to the store. Of course we stole everything we needed which was some India ink black, sewing needle, thread and a pen to draw the design on with. We made short work of it and in no time we were on our way down a path we had not yet traveled. We were all straight edge( I'm the only one still) at the time so we all thought about the cool kids we had scene at the shows that were sporting killer X tattoo's. Lee did his on his ankle, Adam on his inner leg and mine I did on the inside of my knee. So a 16 year old thinks this is a great idea. Take the thread and wrap the #6 sewing needle around till it gets tight and will hold some ink on it. Took a lighter and sanitized the needle first I think. Then it was time to draw a killer design. Well let me just say that mine was supposed to be epic mind melting cool it ended up being a plain X with S.E H.C. around it in old school fashion. So we dipped the giant #6 sewing needle in the ink and started the self mutilating process. I remember the first stabby motion I did and realized that this was indeed going to hurt something fierce. We all tried to suck it up for the first 5 minutes and then it turned into laughing and just trying to get it over with. I  must have stabbed a thousand holes in my leg that afternoon. It is about 1 inch by 1 inch and it took me over an hour to get the x to stay in there. So on to the S.E.H.C. part. Got the S done then the E and then said fuck this I have had enough. Funny when I drew the tattoo on I was sitting in a chair and the design was horizontal to the ground. Well when I stood up it was diagonal to ground. I was pissed off and my knee hurt like some asshole had just stabbed it a thousand times. Duh I would pull my shorts up the rest of summer and look at my ridiculous tattoo and I thought I was the coolest punk rocker in the land. I had older friends that had some ink but no one had the same one I had. Truth be told none of them had a hand poked job and none of them were my best friends either. I still talk to Adam and Lee and we still laugh about that day and the fact that we were so dumb. Well that is the story of my first tattoo and you all know what I look like now. Fuck I am silly and let me just say I have hated getting every last one of them and I am not joking.

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