Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Been thinking a lot about building a race bike. The problem is which kind of race bike to build. There are so many races you can go to so my Saturday Top 5 is gonna be my reasons for building a drag/Bonneville bike.

Number 1. I like the idea of building a purpose built bike. It's only job is to haul ass and make it at least two passes.Choppers are purpose built as well but then the styling comes into play. Truth to be told drag bikes and choppers have a lot in common. Stripped down to the core and then ride them. 

Number 2. Speed is king kids. I have ridden some fast bikes but I think the sensation of skipping across the salt would be addicting. They call it salt fever and I believe the salt gets in your brain and infects some frontal lobe area. I have been to Bonneville during speed week a couple of times and it is a magical and weird place to be. There are the million dollar race cars right down to the backyard gob jobs and as long as it passes spec you can run it. 

Number 3. Been sketching bikes and ideas in my head for a few years now. I think I want to try and build a small displacement motor like a 350 Honda to start with. The record is low like 118 and that seems like a goal that is within reach. Once you get up into the 1000cc and up classes the top speed records are well into the 150+ and really up over 180 in most classes. So maybe that will be the way I go small bike and just try and see how fast I can get it to roll. Then change some stuff and see how that goes. Etc etc till I can get in the record books and be immortalized for ever. Wait I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Fuck

Number 4. Speed costs money and right now I have none. After dropping every red cent on the shovel I am in the red as far as projects go. But the 46 Hot Rod is next on the list and I have already scrounged up a front end, rear end, rear spring, frame, steering box and motor. Pretty good start and the cost 0 dollars. I think just in the little 350 motor I could spend about 1000 dollars on trick parts and machining. Whatever I have to get it going so one day before I am to old I can actually run something down the salt. 

Number 5. Dreams in one hand Shit in the other. Get busy Living or get busy dieing, Yes now is the time to get started. I know where a good 350 motor is sitting and I can do trade for it. So off to the races and maybe next year I will have sweet little speedster to have some fun on. Any have a small supercharger just laying around?

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