Thursday, November 15, 2012


Don't have many riding shots of myself. Ryan from the club shot this pic from the Todd Memorial run. It was hot as satans asshole out but I like to stay covered in the sun if it's gonna be more then a hour or so of riding. I love this bike and has been solid as fuck this whole year. One kick and go. Started some change up items on it today. I have a set up sick Flying Weasel Garage narrow trees that Michael hooked up so I am figuring out the fork stops and headlight mount. Hopefully by the weekend  should have it back on the road. I'm thinking 2 piece buckhorns and a round headlight as well. I do like the full attack mode stance it has had all year though. Anyways like the picture thanks Ryan.

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  1. Reet petit and so fucking sweet, the scoot that is, not the rider . . . I hear he's just a grumpy old hermit.