Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

So It's been awhile since I did a favorite list so I will string together some random top 5 list inspired by the Johnny Ramone book. At the end he did a bunch of top 10 list. Pretty funny. So here he go.

Top 5 punk bands of the 70's
Generation x
The Clash
The Damned
The Ramones
The Saints

Top 5 80's Punk Bands
Black Flag
Minor Threat
Cro Mags
Gorilla Biscuits

Top 5 Motorcycle Movies
Worlds Fastest Indian
The Wild Ride
Born Losers
On Any Sunday
Werewolves on Wheels

Top 5 Cars
49-53 Chevy Tudor
60-63 Falcon
63-73 Buick Rivera
49-52 Ford F-1
40-46 Ford Westagard style customs

Top 5 Favorite Painters
Larry Watson
Dean Jeffries
Old Tyme 

Top 5 Ridiculous Crushes
Kate Winslet
Winona Ryder 90's
Scarlett Johanson
Christina Hendricks

Top 5 Bikes I've Owned
The Wizard-77 Shovel
The Crack Pipe-68 Sportster
The Giant Killer 73 Rd chopper
Limey Whore 67 Bonnie
63 Sportster

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Hermit
People Suck
Paying bills suck
Paying a mortgage sucks
Making small talk sucks
Being crabby is awesome

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  1. Small talk is the worst. Forever Hermits Hermits Forever