Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Serious As A Heartattack....

Finished up the velocity stack and polished it up today. I do say it turned out pretty cool. After some research this is basically the same as a fancy pants one but cost me nothing. The bell shape is with in 1/8th inch of the FMA stack. Fuck it this bike is gonna be a tractor not a Hot Rod. Got the belt on and finish up the inner primary and polished that at the same time. So I need to align the belt and adjust the tranny back then finish the outer cover. Can't decide on pegs? So after all this Chopper Hermit talk Shea stuck this master piece on me tonight as well as tearing my hands up again. Love Love Love it so much. Crumb meets Shea and it's the silliest tattoo I have for sure now. Love it, Living the dream.

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